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Is Riding Bad For You Knees?

Is Riding Bad For You Knees?

Cycling is one of the best ways to exercise your knees to keep them strong and healthy. Whether riding a bicycle is harmful to the knees depends on many factors, including the way of riding, the duration, the adjustment of the bicycle, and the individual's physical condition. Correct and reasonable cycling habits are not only harmless to your knees, but beneficial:

1. Correct Riding Posture
Maintain a suitable seat height and avoid being too low or too high, which may increase the burden on your knee joints. When your feet are at their lowest point, your knees should be slightly bent, not fully straight.

2. Moderate Riding Intensity
Moderate cycling can strengthen leg muscles, enhance support around joints, and reduce the risk of knee injuries. However, long-term high-intensity or fast riding may increase the pressure on the knees and lead to injury.

3. Good Road Conditions
Try to ride on a flat, smooth road to reduce the impact of vibration on your knees.

4. Appropriate Preparation Activities
Doing adequate warm-up and stretching before and after riding can improve muscle flexibility and reduce the chance of injury.

5. Knee Joint Care
People with existing knee joint problems should be more cautious, consult a professional if necessary, adjust their riding style or choose other low-impact exercises.

To sum up, cycling itself is not directly harmful to the knees. The key lies in how to perform this exercise scientifically and reasonably. By following the advice above, most people can safely enjoy the fun and health benefits of cycling. If you feel knee discomfort while riding, you should make appropriate adjustments or pause your riding and consider seeking medical advice.

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