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KUGOO M2 Pro 8.5" Commuting Electric Scooter 350W Motor 36V 7.5Ah/10Ah Battery

$425.00 $529.00
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I've had this scooter for over 3 months. I almost never fold it simply because I don't need to, but it's easy to fold. And while the colorful lights look a little childish, I'd rather look like a child than not be seen and get hit by a car. The lights can be turned on and off and you could probably swap them out yourself if they bothered you enough. This product is saving me 3 hours of commute time per week, and in a dense city is much faster than a car, without the worries of parking. Highly recommended. Be careful and enjoy!

Fun, Sturdy, Fast!!!

I absolutely adore this scooter, its truly fantastic for the price! Its not only fast but also incredibly comfortable to ride. And those lights? They are beyond cool! What an amazing product!


Yes, this scooter is very comfortable, it is also beautiful and meets and exceeds your expectations. I am really happy with the purchase.


Easy set up, fast. Unfortunately we didnt get to use it long, it was stolen from my son 9 days after we got it. Sad situation but very nice product. Would recommend for commute or just for fun.

Alain Claro

I really enjoy riding this scooter here and there to go places that arent too far. It has a nice design very good quality for the price it lasts about an hour on full battery but thats all I need it for anyway just for quick transportation. One very good feature is the lights they are bright and flashy so people around can see you well at night!


KUGOO M2 Pro 8.5" Commuting Electric Scooter 350W Motor 36V 7.5Ah/10Ah Battery

$425.00 $529.00



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  • 7.5Ah
  • 10Ah


  • Black
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