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About Us

We believe riding transforms lives.

Mission: To insipre the world to live happy life by riding. 

Vision: To produce products that address customers’ specific needs and empower them with the support to stay moving.

Value: Joy, Community, Affordable, Sustainability.

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Our Story

GLEERIDE are born for the ones who are tired of the high-stress life in the city and ready to immerse, to be mindful, to dive into a travel spot, no matter where you are, when the time is, how old you are…

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We, GLEERIDE, are envisioned by a group of curious individuals who treated creativity as their own form of entertainment. This maverick spirit of fun is hardwired into the DNA of each and every GLEERIDE. Our team wanted to give this freedom to people across the globe while shopping for their favorite items online.

gleeride bike factory

We, GLEERIDE, are a group of riding enthusiasts and experts in the riding trade who are obsessed with building a greener and more sustainable world together, through a community of e-bikers and e-scooters. Our team has a diverse group of people from R&D, Buyers, and Customer Insights Experts with a ton of experience producing all kinds of unique riding gadgets.