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Trottinette électrique pour enfants Simate S4, moteur 110W, batterie 24V 2,5ah

$149.00 $189.00
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Great quality electric scooter. The led screen is easy to read. It charges fast and isnt too heavy, Ive seen much heavier and bulkier electric scooters. This one is definitely made for kiddos. The lights on the bottom are so cool and look awesome at night (if I let them go out past dark that is lol) My mom friend had me send her the link so she could get one for her son too!

5 stars!

This is the best electric scooter I've tried! This one has the easiest setup and functionality. It only has a few buttons for basic power and speed settings, easy to use. The battery lasts a couple hours. It charges up fairly quickly and the kids have a blast on this!


This little kids scooter is just great, LED lights, foldable, compact design yet, a great gift idea.


My niece is 6 years old, and while she always wears a helmet and knee pads even on a regular scooter or bike, I definitely make sure she's wearing them when using this. I thought all the strobing lights looked pretty cool, and my niece absolutely loved them.
All in all, for the price, this is a fantastic scooter!


This is a very quiet electric scooter which we love and the light options are great! So far this is working for us perfectly but it is winter so we are trying not to get this in the snow or Wetness. Was quick to charge and easy to assemble.


Trottinette électrique pour enfants Simate S4, moteur 110W, batterie 24V 2,5ah

De $149.00 $189.00





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