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HYPER GOGO Crusier 12 Plus Kid's Electric Motorbike (With APP) 160W Motor 22.2V 5.2Ah Battery

$559.00 $759.00
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Color: Orange

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Cruiser 12 Plus (With App) is an electrifying children's electric motorcycle that offers an unrivaled entertainment experience. With its cutting-edge features and captivating design, it provides a superior level of excitement and enjoyment. Let your children embark on a journey of supreme thrill and fascination as they embrace the exhilarating world of HYPER GOGO.

Ride to the Rhythm of Bluetooth Tunes!

The Cruiser 12 Plus (With App) kids electric moto features Bluetooth music playback with a built-in Bluetooth speaker to immerse kids in the magic of music! Whether indoors or outdoors, kids can enjoy quality music as they wish, adding more fun to the ride.

Experience The RGB Audio System
Our unique RGB audio system is more than just a feature; it's an experience. Watch as your child's ride turns into a vibrant light show, pulsating to the beat of their favorite tunes. The lights aren't the onlything dancing — with our high-quality speakers, your child's adventure is accompanied by crystal clear, immersive audio.

Experience the Thrill of Fog Effects!
The Cruiser 12 Plus (With App) kids electric moto brings a simulated fog removal feature that immerses kids in a realistic riding atmosphere! It's like being in the middle of an adventure in a thick fog. This exciting special effect makes the riding experience even richer and allows kids to enjoy riding.

Large capacity battery
The Cruiser 12 Plus (With App) is equipped with a 21.9V 5.2A lithium-ion battery for long hours of fun for your little adventurer. Less worry about changing batteries, more endless exploration and play. Our battery, your peace, your kids' joy.

Equipped with a 160W hub motor, the Cruiser 12 Plus (With App) is a safe driving partner for your child. The smooth power output ensures fun and safety of riding. While riding, it also keeps them safe. Enjoy the fun without the worry, that's the promise of the Cruiser 12 Pro.

Cruiser 12 Plus (With App) is equipped with three adjustable speeds up to 10 mph, as if it is the magic key to open the door to a new world. Whether gliding on smooth roads or challenging winding trails, all terrain becomes an adventure playground for kids. One motorcycle, three speeds, unlimited exploration and fun.


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Hyper GoGo

HYPER GOGO Crusier 12 Plus Kid's Electric Motorbike (With APP) 160W Motor 22.2V 5.2Ah Battery

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